Russ Ford has been a strong, conservative voice since being elected County Commissioner in November of 2020. He has led on issues that matter to Brazos County:
  • Defended Personal Liberty: Worked to lift mask mandates, and oppose vaccine mandates, while making vaccines widely available at county facilities.
  • Fought for Law Enforcement: Led the charge to bring sheriff deputy salaries and benefits to the level of local police, keeping trained professionals on the job.
  • County Lead on Infrastructure: is the county liaison on infrastructure projects, such as improvements being made to IG&N, Dick Elliott Road, Forstoff Road, and Old Reliance.
  • Fought for jobs: Worked to bring the major Fuji expansion, and a lithium ion battery project.
  • Kept Taxes Low and Spending under Control: Despite the pandemic hit to the county budget. Russ voted to reduce the property tax rate.

Meet Russ Ford

Our County Commissioner, Russ Ford, has worked for the last 20 years for an engineering firm that specializes in civil projects. Prior to that he ran a pavement design lab, and help construct roads and bridges. Russ is a long-time Brazos County resident. He has been married to his wife, Vickie, for 34 years. They have 3 adult children, and 3 grandchildren.

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