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Vision, Issues, & Values

Russ has 38 years of experience with management and construction of civil engineering projects, including 19 years’ experience with Civil Engineering firm Lockwood, Andrews, and Newnam (LAN) in design and construction of municipal projects. His experience includes roadway and pavement design and construction, Asset Management, Right of way acquisition, and materials testing including running a pavement testing lab for TxDOT. He has demonstrated his dedication to clients by working on their behalf in looking for cost effective solutions.

Growth – Eventually the threat of COVID-19 will come to a close. It is time to improve infrastructure responsibly and foster growth throughout the county. We provide that growth through promoting safety, infrastructure improvement, or supporting unincorporated portions of our community. This is the time to take action, protect tax-payer dollars, and deliver the results we all expect. To do this responsibly, we must accomplish our community’s needs inside of the budget, without adding to their financial stress. Growth cannot occur without giving stakeholders the ability to financially breathe.

Empowerment – The taxpayer, given a fair playing field, can clear any tax revenue gap through their productivity. Taxpayers need a hand up, not a handout. We can give them that hand up by merely stepping back and giving them room to move our community forward. As a Commissioner’s Court, we can work together to foster all citizens’ opportunities to take advantage of growth. We can do this in the purest form by delivering on the motto of “two cities, one community.”

Diligence – Master Planning is a simple task that is often made difficult. We must be cautious about not dictating where growth is allowed. In our great community, our amenities are greater than our population. This reality is made possible through the economic empowerment provided by a world-class university and community college. We must embrace that we are the cradle of Texas growth because of our community stakeholders, Blinn College, and Texas A&M University. We also must be mindful of the student and faculty population’s transient nature when we make decisions. Many become lifelong citizens of Brazos County, and many go on to become success stories, which, in turn, fuels our growth.

The Leadership Brazos County Needs Right Now

About Russ Ford

  • Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 1982 graduate with a BS in Construction Science
  • Married 33 years to Vickie Sheffield Ford
  • 3 daughters Bri Ketcham Mayr, Heather Ford Slaton, Courtney Ford all Bryan High Graduates
  • Lived in Kurten, Texas for 36yrs
  • Works for Lockwood, Andrews, and Newnam in College Station a national Civil Engineering Firm
  • Brazos County landowner since 1984
  • Member First United Methodist Church Bryan, TX
  • Serves Brazos County as the representative on the Central Appraisal District Board of Directors


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